Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Green Action Team meeting, 3/16/2016

Our team met tonight at CCUU.  Here are our minutes:

We opened with an overview of the Green Sanctuary accreditation process for new meeting attendees.

It was decided that Alicia will revamp the document which contains our assessment questions so that it is able to be edited in real-time by members of our team (thank you, Alicia).

Our team has broken the congregational assessment into manageable sections, and members will be in charge as follows: 

Alicia: Environmental Justice
Howard and Rev. Jim: Sustainable Living
Laura: Community Involvement
Claire and Kyle: Worship and Celebration and RE

The team will also send potential personal survey questions to Alicia, who will be developing and formatting a personal survey for the congregation to complete.  

We set a goal of completing the assessment phase by APRIL 15th! 

Also, it was decided that we will offer Our Place in the Web of Life as a course in early 2017.  

Announcement about our progress will be made on Sunday, 3/20 at the church service.